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miércoles, julio 19, 2006

Cold Cream of pear with foie

Hi everybody!

I know, I know... I always write in Spanish but... as you know i'm spanish so... It's normal that I feel more comfortable writing in my mother language.
But... today I'm going to publish this post in English for my foreign followers.

Today's recipe is a summer fresh soup perfect to start a delicius menu. It's perfect because it is easy to prepare, cheap (it's depends of the quality of the foie that you'll use) and Sooooooo nice.

Ok... let's go:

Cold Cream of pear with foie

Ingredients: (For 2 persons)
4 pears (better the regular one, with firm texture. Avoid water pears)
Juice of one lemon
Cooking Cream (15%)
100 grs of foie

How to prepare:
Peel the pears, cut in pieces and put in a pot with the lemon juice. Cover with water and boil them until they become tender.
When they are ready, throw away half of the water and with a blender, prepare a soft cream of pear. Put in the refrigerator for, at least 2 hours.

When you are ready to serve the soup use small bowls. In each bowl add first cream of pear, add a little bit of cooking cream, salt, pepper and a nice slice of foie (50grs in each bowl or to your liking).

And....voila! ready to enjoy it!!.

When putting it in your mouth, use the spoon to mix the cooking cream with the cream of pear and take little piece of foie . It's amazing!. I promise you.

Ok! guys, I have to go to sleep. I'll be back very soon.

Take care,